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Sunday, 13 October 2013

Part Two - Professional learning without follow through is malpractice Monday 14/10/2013

Part Two - Professional learning without follow through is malpractice


Let's take a risk...

So where do we go from here?

Last term we had run a Leadership Development program with the Year Leaders in our school. 

One of the aspects of being a 'middle leader' is the complete lack of time that you have to develop your leadership skills. If you are in the classroom 'full-time' then when do you get a chance to model, work-alongside or be a critical friend to members of your team? It is very difficult.

We, the other VP and I, rearranged our timetables so we could cover classes to allow the Year Leaders to get out of the classroom and work with each other or others in the school.

Here's a screen shot of the document we shared with Year Leaders.

It went well but there was a niggle. I wasn't really sure what the impact on learning and leadership was.

So...onto now.

Andy, one of our PYP coordinators, and I spent two days with Dylan Wiliam and were we inspired? Yes we were!

I came back, talked, discussed and planned and we moved. I shared my thoughts at a staff meeting.

Our Leadership Development program has become a Teacher Learning Community.

We have included the Year Leaders as we really do see them as Lead Teachers and we asked for volunteers. 

We have had an amazing response. Twelve colleagues from across the school have put their hand up for this exciting innovation.

What is next?

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