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Monday, 28 October 2013

"People are calling you superman..." Thursday 17/10/2013

Am I just doing my job?

It's been nearly three years since I moved from being Year One Teacher / Leader in a really happy school, a position I loved, to being a Vice-Principal in what was perceived to be not such a happy workplace. 

When I began my new position I went out of my way to make sure that I had presence. I remember well being in the staffrooms of nearly every school I have worked in with colleagues speaking about the leadership / management team inevitably using the words:

"Where are they? What do they even do anyway?"

I made a promise to myself and others that I would always be around, I would always be visible and I would never hide in the office.

After a few months at school I was having a conversation with one of my colleagues. It was not an easy conversation but a useful and powerful discussion. Towards the end of the chat she said:

"People are calling you Superman..."

I felt my shoulders rise and my head slightly expand...

"...but you're not are you? You're just doing your job."


This nugget of wisdom has stayed with me. I have told the story on a few occasions.

The perspective it has given me over these three years has been a gift I did not see coming. Whatever I do, however hard I work, however many tweets I tweet or conferences I present at I am just doing my job.

Or am I?

My job description lays out many actions for me to perform. 

Is that my job?

Whilst thinking about this I remembered this post, 8 Leadership Essentials  by Eric Sheninger, who is an amazing Principal, blogger, sharer and educationalist.

In it he shares this diagram of leadership:

Am I just doing my job? Am I just my job description?


I go out of my way and give %150 for all of those I work and learn with everyday. I do this in a number of ways.

Do you?

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  1. Sometimes being a hero is all about showing up.

    I was called that this year (also my first year in admin) - but it was probably due to the fact that the position was new. This was the first year Junior School teachers would have a consistent person to turn to for help.

    In my opening staff meeting, I shared my belief about my job: My job is to remove any obstacles that would inhibit teaching and learning in your classroom. My other job is to help enhance teaching and learning in every classroom.

    I hope that is always my job :).