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Wednesday, 22 February 2012



We have had an internal ESF school review this week.  Mina, our new principal, joined us after Christmas.  To help her, and us as the school leadership team in setting the direction we have had a review with principals form other schools and members of the ESF leadership joining us for a few days.

I have found it a slightly strange process as for the the first time in a review / inspection situation I am not such.  I did run the Lower School assembly on Monday morning and was absolutely manic in a Year One classroom for a couple of hours on Tuesday morning (which I loved!!).

What I have experienced is an overwhelming sense of pride in both the people and the community I work and learn with.

There has been some outstanding feedback given to many of my colleagues, and then about them to us as a leadership team.  It is this fact, amongst others, that has made me beam even more when being around our school.

One of the main points that has arisen is that as a school community we are completely focused on the well being and learning of the children with whom we spend our day.  We knew this...but to have someone else notice it gives us added validation.

We obviously have things to work on - we all do - but we have talked about these, and have been talking about these before the review even began.  I am even excited about these as I want to, and am, be part of something special!

I am really looking forward to the next few years here...Get ready!!

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